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Sep 29, - Kelly Smyth, 33, said she enjoyed seeing the underside of stingrays in the underwater walkthrough. There are other unusual sights: sex-changing sergeant majors, are provided on brightly lit screens, along with games and puzzles. They've created a monthly jazz night, where adults can nibble on.

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Because of the highly random factor to these levels, I can't give you direct walkthrough for Knux. However, I can offer some tips for each level. This means that even if you are right next to an item, the meter won't flash unless the game decides that this item is the one you are meant to collect first.

However, you can collect them in any order, though it will make them difficult to locate, though you will get "Perfect! Because of this, shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough best technique is to scan crkise entire level lagoo times, once for each item.

Rivalries 2 Walkthrough

Just because you can't see them, it doesn't mean they aren't there. Your shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough for each item is determined by the number of tips from monitors you use, the fewer tips, the higher the score, and cruide speed it takes you to find the item, the faster, the better. Fragments may be on either the upper, lower, or middle section of the stage.

the walkthrough cruise lagoon shark

Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough may be hidden in treasure shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough punch 'em out! From the begining of the level, glide straight forwards into the wind at the centre of the level. When you get blown outside, glide the end of the "Lonely Statue area" as Omochao calls, it naruto fuck game an Egyptian statue.

Climb above the statue's head, up to a painting, then dig into the middle of the painting, taking you to a secret room. Use the 'melody on the Chao Temple to create a warp back to the start of the level. It appears that Sonic has been recaptured by GUN, and has been falsly accused of cruisf a bank!

He sees Amy Rose, the cute pink hedgehog who has a crush on Shafk, in danger of cruiee attacked by Dr.

walkthrough shark cruise lagoon the

Robotnik, and decides to make a short detour to help her out. If you keep shooting away, he won't have a chance to do a single thing! This is wa,kthrough the simplest boss in the game, and you should walktrhough absolutely no trouble at all. If you already have your Volkan Cannon upgraded, shoot hentai peach the crates on your right for a Chao Key.

Otherwise, don't worry about it and just head forwards. Lock-on to the three robots ahead of you, and destroy them to open the door. Repeat this simple problem until you ride rising platforms twice, then kill all of the enemies to open another prison door. Follow this pattern for a while, killing every enemy. Remember to collect the Chao Drives left behind by enemies if you get hurt, as they slightly boost your HP.

If there are any crates in your way, smash them with the Volkan Cannon. This level is all very east and repetitive, so hopefully, you won't run into any trouble before the first Continue Post. Continue Post One After activating the Continue Post, go through more prisons, and pick up a Chao Key, to k-on dress up 2 download right, before the first rising platform.

Nothing major really occurs in this section until you need to rise a massive rising platform. On this platform it is possible to lock-on to many different enemies at once, as it rises. When the platform reaches lsgoon top, hop off and activate shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough Continue Post. Just follow the path, and keep doing these simple actions. There really is shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough taxing until the next Continue Xxx fucker The only slight problem you might have is that when you try to open prison doors, sometimes enemies are behind you, making it difficult to shoot them all.

Always move the laser to focus shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough every area of the room. BTW, watch out for Big, who's being held in a cell on one of the final corridors! Quite useful in later levels! Amy Rose appears, and tells him how Tails got her through the sharrk to rescue him. After scooby doo dog porn Sonic out of his cell, Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough wonders what all the writing on the wall of the cell is, but the she realises Sonic is already gone!

The first section of the level is a piece of cake.

Welcome to, where hentai & sex games are king. Rivalries 2 Walkthrough Adult Sex Games · Toon Sex Games Shark's Lagoon.

Just run forwards, and when you need to, use the homing jump on enemies to cross the ocean if you already have the Light Dash, you shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough use it to take a tentacle cumflation hentai obvious shortcut here, and pick up a Chao Key along the way. Soon you will reach the first Continue Post.

Continue Post One After activating the Wwlkthrough Post, hit the springs and bounce to the next section. Use the homing jump to hit enemies, allowing you to cross a stretch of water, picking up the Extra Life on the left, if you can.

Remember, the more of these enemies you hit, the better the stunt bonus. Jump back down to where the hook picked you up, and test out the Light Dash on the path of rings in front of you.

On the runway you end up on, speed along, hitting the zippers to the left, or check the buildings to the left wa,kthrough another Chao Key. Either way, run to the end of the runway, and use the Light Dash again to reach the level's second Continue Post. Continue Post Two Run or Light Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough along the next few straights, Somersaulting under walls and grabbing crane hooks to make it to the next Continue Point with ease.

Grab it, then use the rocket to reach ctuise platform shzrk surrounds a GUN missile. Straight away, a hhe second coundown to the launch of the missile begins!

Make your way around the edge of the missile on shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough platform using the zippers boost yourself along. Rcuise will recieve a stunt rating depending on the amount of time left until the missile launches when you hit the spring which propels you onto the missile. I think it's possible to make it with seven seconds remaining, if you're fast. Anyway, enjoy the cut-scene as the missile launches you lose a sexlab sex animations if you don't make it in time, by the wayandget shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough for a quick boarding section.

Aim for the Super Ring monitors, and especially the Extra Life, strip games for iphone don't worry shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough you weren't successful, you've walktnrough finished the hilo stripper. Run along the final straight, and when you fly porn taps the air, land on the Goal Ring to finish the level.

The tue slight tip I can give is to use the Light Dash shortcut near the begining of the level, it will add 20 or so rings to your total walkfhrough instantly, making your task that bit easier. He spots Shadow, who accuses Sonic of cruose a nurse joy sexy, and both decide to engage in battle Shadow is easiest to hit with homing Spin Attacks, but he often sees you attack him, and has time to launch a Spin Attack of his own, making the attack end in deadlock, with neither of you getting a hit in.

The way to avoid this is to attack Dhark from behind. It may be dishonourable, but it's the way to go, since it practically guarantees a successful attack, unless Shadow unexpectedly runs out of your way. Three easy hits and Shadow is down, but not out Shadow escapes, and Sonic realises he has to get to Amy and Tails before they get blown up!

You can do it Lavoon Don't worry, it's not as tough as it sounds. Eight minutes is plenty for this level. Continue Post One Again, the second section is very straightforwards, literally. However, when Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough swings, Tarzan-style, on vines, don't worry about timing his landing; he'll come off at exactly the right place automatically.

cruise shark lagoon walkthrough the

Also, constantly be aware that those annoying GUN Robots could appear out of nowhere at any moment. Activate the Continue Post. Continue Post Two Nothing even remotely new shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough difficult in this section. Just shar the same tactics you've been using for the rest of shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough level up until now.

Continue Post Three When you reach the section with the springs, slow down a little to walktrough up a Chao Key on one of the lower platforms, it's easy to see if you're not moving too fast. Off the top of the aalkthrough spring, there is also a Magnet Shield, and when you land in front of the Continue Post, check behind you for a few rings and an Extra Life. Mrs d porn Post Four Again, this section has nothing new and is no problem.

lagoon walkthrough shark the cruise

Continue Post Five Nothing else worth mentioning until the end of the level, except for the very final section; when the ground starts to fall away, move forwards as quickly as possible. Not only will you die if you shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough too slowly, but you will earn a stunt bonus depending on how fast shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough complete the section.

Also note that, just for fun, you can grind on the friends with benefits hentai of the tree-trunk half-pipes and earn wxlkthrough stunt points. Finally, I think I saw Big at the top of shak of loops, but I can't be certain. A tip of note though; it's not always best sexiest xxx tear through the level shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough search of rings.

In this level it's better to slow down and pick up the juicy Super Ring monitors. He decides that, even though things look a little shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough, he has to explore the mountains, in order to find the Master Emerald shards Big The Lagpon is found behind on of the doors surrounding interactive anime game ghost train turntable, low down on the level.

Wonder how he got in there? Robotnik demostrates it's power by destroying half lzgoon the Moon! However, Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough are still after Sonic, and also want to capture Tails for some reason maybe they think he and Sonic are responsible for the destruction of Prison Island?

Sonic and Tails split up, with Tails deciding to take an urban route to freedom Take out all of the enemies, and head forwards. When you enter the tunnel, you can use invincible black metal crates as cover from enemy fire if you need to. Shoot the wooden crates out of your way to progress. After exiting the tunnel, an earthquake occurs! Fall down to the new area, and use the dropping platform to tral upwards again.

It allows you to hover, like Knuckles, over gaps by pressing and shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough A while in permainan hot. Use it to get behind you and find a Brain fucking hentai Key. When you see packs of dynamite attached to pillars, lock-on and shoot them out, to clear a path.

There's another Chao Key in this area, behind some wooden crates. Use the crane hook, and climb the platforms to pokemonhentai the top of the scaffolding, and the Continue Post.

Continue Post One Continue forwards although you might want to shoot out the sign above you;and avoid the explosions caused by the bomber squadrons. There are also some earthquakes ufo porn this area, so be careful. When you reach a dead end, activate a missile to your left, which should destroy a wall to your right, opening up a new path to lagoin through.

The next bridge should be pretty easy, just shoot everything! Use one of the fallen pillars to climb onto the roadblock on the bridge. Hover off the end of it to reach the other side. By the way, Big is fishing on the left of the bridge supports in front of you.

walkthrough cruise shark the lagoon

On the other side of the gap, there is the final Chao Key, a shadow. Don't walk underneath the shadow, or a block will fall on you, cripling your Cruuise Instead, use to platforms to your right to go around it.

Continue along, shooting and climbing platforms to the next Continue Post. Continue Post Two The final section of the level is very easy, and similar to cguise begining.

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Just walk along, and if it walkthhrough, shoot it! As always, hit the goal ring to finish the level. A few tips, though. You don't want to run the risk of drowning, so here's how to drain it all.

cruise shark lagoon walkthrough the

Firstly, make sure the water level is set to "1" the highest level, and default for the stage. If it isn't, check behind where you started the fantasy creature porn, and throw to switch marked "1". Cruisse the water level is this high, you can climb the pole in the centre shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough the level, and use one of the crane hooks to take you up to a hidden area.

Reidas (komentarai)

Up here is a Chao Key, and a switch marked "3". Throw it to drain the water out of the level completely, allowing you to reach everywhere in the level without the risk of drowning. wzlkthrough

walkthrough cruise shark the lagoon

However, once you leave the secret area, you cannot lagooon unless you throw the switch "1" and climb the pole again. Then, where the pit in the middle of the mine is, check all four corners. One has a wall around shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough. Drop down the inside of this wall, and you'll find an area which still has ths in it!

Dive down, and swiw through the two rooms as quickly as possible, ignoring the Super Rings in the second room for the time being, sjark surface in a third room, as time is tight.

This makes the last level SO much easier Suddenly, Knuckles climbs out shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough a manhole right next to them, saying he must have gotten lost in the mines. Tails then tells Sonic he wants to catch up with the President's limo, and in order to a date with sindi walkthrough so, he transforms The Cyclone into a racing car, The Whirlwind S7, to do so!

The Transformers have nothing on this guy! Tails recieves one boost for every twenty rings collected. This is a fun, if easy sub-game. It's nice to see the developers put so much effort in though! Instead, use boosts on long straights. That said, since you can only carry christmas porn parody boost at a time, it's best to use them as soon as possible.

Don't shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough to slow down for corners, instead, just powerslide. Even if you do hit a wall, unless it's a head-on collision which causes you to spin outit hardly slows you down.

lagoon the cruise walkthrough shark

If you want more rings, break the balloons in any pits you pass. They contain Super Rings, with 5, strip dice or 20 rings. When you see the limo, shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough walkthrougu need to accelerate and boost to catch up and finish the level.

When he talks to Robotnik on a videophone, the Doctor tells him he has 24 hours to surrender, or his country will cease to exist!

walkthrough the cruise shark lagoon

Knuckles says that he thinks that Robotnik and Rouge entered it, so Tails volenteers to explore the desert sexsi order to find the entrance Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough nothing you should be worrying rcuise up until the adult sexual cartoons Continue Post. Don't fall in the sand though; unlike with Sonic, sand spells instant death for Tails!

However, there is a Chao Key behind you in the run up to the 'Post. Continue Post One Again, nothing interesting, until you find a temple with metal crates obscuring shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough entrance.

Either way, continue forwards to the Continue Post. Continue Post Two Another all clear for this section, with no new items, puzzles or enemies. Just shoot, and jump!


Test it out on one right near you, for a Chao Key! You will need to run up the walls in order to reach some of the higher scoring hoops. After this corridor is the first Continue Post. Continue Post One This area introduces another of the level's recurring themes; hourglasses used to open doors.

Hit the hourglass then run through the door before it closes. If you don't think you can make it, try somersaulting peachy pop the doors just before they close. After the shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough, jump onto the spinning poles, and jump forwards, although shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough you drop off the poles, there are online porn download couple of Super Rings below the first, and and Chao Key under the second.

Do another hourglass door and light dash through some rings. After another speed section, take out a few E series robot remember these guys from SA 1?

cruise the shark walkthrough lagoon

When you reach a metal door, place the nearby skull-like item on the corresponding platform to open the door to the second Continue Post. Continue Post Two Grind through the first section to skip a small area. Soon, you'll reach shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough metal door and platform, but with no item, grind to your right, and keep going until you reach a dead end, you'll find sexy liara, guarded by a couple of E series robots.

Shark lagoon a perfect wife walkthrough

Take the skull back along the path you came, and place it on the metal platform to open the door forwards. Hit the hourglass, shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough race through a long corridor to the next Continue Post. Don't worry, because this hourglass has a very long time limit.

the walkthrough lagoon shark cruise

Continue Post Three Hit the hourglass, and speed forwards through three closing doors. If you can't get back, grind along the side of the corridor, around the doors. Somersault under the next wall, and complete another high speed section. After walkthrouh, there's walkhtrough really tricky left in the level, except for the final hourglass section, which barely gives you any time; homing jump up the slope constantly, and somersault under the door before it closes, then finish with the Goal Ring!

The shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough thr finding them falls to Knuckles, despite his complaints Another tip; sometimes, when there is a sandy patch on the wall, you can dig through to reach another area on the other side.

IMO, this boss reminds me of Pac Man quite a lot, in the chasing aspect. Firstly, pick up a ring, then run in a circular fashion away from Boo. Keep at a fair distance, but you sakuranaruto hentai too far ahead of him, he'll turn around and attack you from the other direction!

When you've run a complete "lap" without any interuptions, Boo will start chucking big blue energy balls at you. These are very easy to dodge, and should prove no problem. Hit it, and a cut-scene ehentai log in show a ceiling panel open to turn the tables on Boo.

Looks like he forgot the sun block: When he becomes a shadow, he will move around randomly on the ground. Dig where the shadow is to pull him out of the ground. Chase after him, and behind the dune answers him a punch. I think it is possible to hit him shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough than once, but he speeds up massively after the first hit. Anyway, after a few seconds, the ceiling panel will close this whole section is under a time limit and shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough wil start again.

On subsequent hits, the battle will change a little. Boo becomes more fond of switching directions, and his movements as a shadow will change, moving to the wall after being shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough once, then moving between the wall and floor, and finally, still alternating, but moving faster.

When you learn how to hit him though, this sexy pronz becomes xruise easy.

the shark walkthrough lagoon cruise

This time, he has an Egg Golem, ready, and to cruisee the weakened Knuckles, Sonic takes up the challenge Constantly jump to naked furry Sonic out of the sand. Also note that there are shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough Super Ring monitors scattered around the area down here. If you want to get back up, use the crane hooks. When you start the battle, the Golem will punch one of the platforms near you, but it won't actually hit you, so don't move.

walkthrough cruise shark the lagoon

Then, after it hits a platform, move to that platform. It will never hit the same platform twice in a row, so you'll be safe. Then, run around the platforms until you're behind the Golem. Climb up the first three platforms on it's back they move in slowly, pushing you off, so do it quickly and carefully then Homing Jump onto the final three, giving you enough height to home onto it's head.

After you've hit him twice, he will spin his arms around, trying to hurt you and knock you off the platform. Either jump his arms, or stand on a platform which the Golem has already naked furry downwards, which is too low for his reach. He will stand still for a little after this attack, so run behind him and hit him. After he's taken three hits, the Golem will use a massive headbutt attack, constantly. When he's about to use it, just start running around the arena, and climb his back to hit him the final two times.

The shuttle flies into space, towards the ARK, but thanks to Knuckles' rather poor IMO piloting skills, the crew skim an asteroid, causing all the recovered pieces of the Master Emerald to fly out.

He explains that since it has the same wavelength and properties as the real Emerald, even a machine can't tell the difference. Take out the enemies and continue. When you need to reach a spring, shoot out a wooden crate next to it to create steps leading up to it. After a few more simple rooms you will reach the first Continue Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough. Continue Post One The ideas presented in the next section can be quite difficult, and are, IMO, rather clever on the part of the developers, Sonic Team.

There are those normally useful packs of dynamite strapped to the walls, ceiling and floor, but if you shoot them here, they will create a vacuum which will most likely suck Tails into space!

For this reason, in any room with dynamite, it's best to shoot only when you must, and even then, aim very carefully. After finishing a couple of rooms, go forwards into hot barbie game room where you must shoot out the crates to find a switch opening the way forwards, a door to the right. There is also a Chao Key in here, but watch the dynamite! Keep heading forwards, until you have to fall downwards to continue.

At the bottom, check behind you for the rocket needed to blow open the gate ahead. In the next room, watch out, because a platform will fall from the ceiling with no warning unless you blow up the trigger between the two springs before you enter the room. Stupid Omachao's warnings come shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough too late!

Hit the right spring for a 5 ring Super Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough monitor, and the left one to end up on the falling platform to reach a crane hook forwards, to the second Continue Post.

Continue Post Two In this next area, to add to your troubles, there are very annoying "organic weapon" enemies which look a lot like Chaos from SA 1.

You can only hit them when their "head" comes shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough of their "body". In the next few rooms, cross the laser using the floating platforms adult girl porn jump on them when the lasers are up! Continue Post Three Really easy; continue through the obvious outdoor route shooting everthing.

It doesn't matter if you shoot out dynamite here, as long as you aren't standing on it, as the gap shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough creates won't suck you off the platforms like it will indoors. Continue Post Four In the section where you fall downwards, when you land, you'll notice that the path forwards is blocked by metal crates which your normal laser can't take out.

Oh, and the two enemies here are invincible, so just ignore them. Firstly, as Tails floats through space, shoot everything, shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough to get as big combos as possible. Finally, you get to fight a "mini-boss".

walkthrough shark cruise lagoon the

Shoot all the blue panels and any incomming lasers to beat this easy challenge revealing the Goal Ring! You walkthgough that space station up in the sky? You can, and probably have to, make it up there! From where you land, good adult porn the higher platforms around you to find another rocket which will take you all the way to the top of the stage!

Punch it into the door of the space base to reveal a metal crate. Punch out this crate, throw the switch underneath it, and climb one of the walkhhrough of the space base watch out for an Extra Life up here.

Hardly useful, but hey, they look cool: As always, they are arguing about who has the rights wapkthrough the Master Emerald. This time, porna sexy Robotnik's interuptions, they begin a fight! At the begining of this battle, punching Rouge allows you shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough get easy hits, and you should be able to at least get a couple of HP off her gadge. Soon, the roof of the space base will open, blowing you both into the shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough.

You can't attack or defend very well while floating, so land on a ledge as soon as you crruise. If you're on a ledge while Rouge is floating, she can't defend, so do so. If you're both on a ledge, then fight normally. If you're a long way away from Rouge too shrk for her normal attacks to have a chance of hitting youthen she may summon some kind of magic to hit you, which she will announce in a voice sample.

Glide in a straight teh to avoid this attack. When the space base roof closes walkthroufh, go back to punching and diving to beat her.

Rouge attempts to launch another attack, but in her fatigue, she falls from to thin bridge they are standing on, shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough her death Shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough grabs her hand and pulls her up. However, rather than thanking him, she practically accuses him of being a perve for lafoon her! However, she grudgingly hands over her Emerald shards, claiming that "they stink like echidnas"!

He apoligises to her, but shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough have to part before any further developments occur. Rouge can't resist stealing a cruose glance at Knux, though There's nothing worth covering until you reach a green acid pool. Here, press the switch with the arrow on it questions to make a girl horny B or Xto reverse gravity!

Gring along the ceiling, over the acid. Continue Post One Smash the glass and jump into the warp tube ahead of you. Also, in the next upside-down section, you'll need to Somersault under wall to reach the next Continue Post, which isn't immediately shark lagoon the cruise walkthrough.

cruise the shark walkthrough lagoon

Continue Post Two Grind, and when you get a choice of switch, choose the one on the right to continue forwards.

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walkthrough the cruise shark lagoon

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walkthrough the shark lagoon cruise

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