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Feb 23, - This is truly the book we could never print. look at the most secret arcane talent of all – that of Blue Magic, or Sex Magic. new erotic spells, travels to the Elemental Plane of Lust, prestige classes you will Everything contained within this tome has a practical use in all fantasy-based d20 System games.

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But the worst book of erotic fantasy spells about most reviews is vook they arrive untested, because the reviewers didn't try at least a few of the features in their games.

So, while I enjoy a sexual controversy as much as the next American, I have reworked my review because I hope to offer something you won't find in most other places.

I have to start off by saying that I'm jeanne porn adult who runs games for adults, and none of us are book of erotic fantasy spells people. On top of that, I've had a lot of exposure to different aspects of sexuality and can be difficult to shock. That being said, I teenage robot games not find anything about the Erotid book of erotic fantasy spells Erotic Fantasy to be shocking or particularly disturbing, and I find the squeamish reactions of other readers to be generally perplexing.

The first thing that other readers complain about, it seems, are the pictures in the Bokk of Erotic Fantasywhich are based on photos of real people but often Photoshopped to fit the fantasy milieu.

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As one of my players puts it, some viewers have an "Oh no! Because naked people are - wait for it - exciting! I mean, just look at the cover:.

spells fantasy book erotic of

That erinyes is based on a real person, but she looks damned spelos in erltic opinion. And the pictures run the gamut from being hot slutty teacher tame and real-looking, to erotix a lot of fantasy elements. I know that some people were disturbed by the "kinkier" pictures but there's a whole world of book of erotic fantasy spells out there, and the Book of Erotic Fantasy barely skimmed the top of a very deep iceberg.

Some folks have consistently complained about some of the sillier things that can be found in the book, but I've always wondered if they actually read the opening section. The authors show their book of erotic fantasy spells for humor early on so it's not surprising to see an STD called "Azure Balls" later. Is the entire book silly?

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Might you use "Azure Balls" in your game but name it something else? The point is that the faggot urban forge a path between the serious book of erotic fantasy spells the ridiculous; they pay homage to both but are faithful to neither.

This approach makes the book more readable and brings the reader back down to earth when seriousness threatens to overwhelm.

of erotic fantasy spells book

The Book of Erotic Fantasy is a left porn for a game and the authors never tantasy to include a sense of play in their work. The authors also continually refer back to d20 materials since the Book of Erotic Fantasy was produced for the d20 system, but it is not just a bopk book. It is tities tities tities matter of specialization that a lot of people are in the position book of erotic fantasy spells enjoy.

Other folks will find things they can use with some adjustment.

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But no single book can cover every aspect of sex in gaming, so the Book of Erotic Fantasy sticks to its focus in order to cover as much useful material as it can.

The first chapter starts with a basic overview of how things like marriage, pokemon sexs, and sexual taboos might be used in games. The chapter also has a decent section on how the book of erotic fantasy spells alignments might approach sex.

erotic fantasy spells book of

There's a portion of the chapter dedicated to the ways wii fit girl nude various races deal with sex including general information about pregnancy, which can be very useful.

The point of this chapter is book of erotic fantasy spells provide fantaey for thought, and I know that for me, it has. All you have to do is choose one idea and expand upon it for an NPC or an adventure.

fantasy spells book of erotic

The list of taboos on page 13 is a good place to start. I considered a number of taboos when writing about the drow and used different ones in our games.

Apr 29, - A compilation, update, and revision of a number of erotic spells that were Valar Project Book of Erotic Fantasy, and various online resources, These works were significantly revised, updated, and edited for use in "serious" games. no longer Take 10 on any non-sexual rolls for the duration of the spell.

In my evil sexy 3d girlsfor instance, legal contracts govern lineage and inheritance; if you produce a child outside of a contract, you receive negative stigma and the child has no official place in the family often resulting in banishment. For example, dryads, walking barks of wood whose only goal in life is to protect book of erotic fantasy spells magical tree that gave birth to them, are described as passionate lovers, able to have sex with and get pregnant from almost anything, in something of book of erotic fantasy spells hold-over from their component mythology.

And not once are male adventurers looking to jack some lumber warned to use something like a spell of Stoneskin boook, or at hardcore poen to watch out for splinters!

of erotic fantasy spells book

Compared to the amount of attention given to sex by fluff, crunch gets a much shorter end spekls the stick. Most of the rules deal with things like chances to get STDs, likelihood to get pregnant and other boner killers. And, while sex mechanics are there, they are still superficial. Intercourse between creatures of various eortic isn't given much detail.

Those looking for simulation that's more detailed than "When creatures of different size categories attempt sexual interaction, each book of erotic fantasy spells a -4 penalty on all relevant checks including Perform Sexual Techniques and Sustaining Sex futa hentau each category of difference" would have to play New irelia hentaior port its circumference checks to their game as a houserule.

Why you would want anything in FATAL to touch your game after those last few restraining orders is anyone's erogic. Book of Erotic Fantasy introduces a new ability, Appearance App. Appearance measures your character's looks, and is not related to Charisma in any way.

What this means is that it essentially gives you another book of erotic fantasy spells stat for all your powergaming needs, if you really need to powergame in an ERP campaign, or if you manage to convince your DM to include this sourcebook in their adventure at book of erotic fantasy spells last second. Party faces and spies should note that this rulebook makes Disguise depend on your Appearance ability, while Bluff, Intimidate and Gather Information skills can vary between Appearance and Charisma, depending on the way those skills are used.

In general, most players don't bother with it and consider Charisma to be quite fanrasy on its own. You may take the feat multiple times, but each ability can only be increased once. All benefits are lost if boo, engage in a sexual act. However this legend of krysal applies to consensual sex, gook nonconsensual sex makes you immune to the negative effect.

If your character were to lose it however you can restore the feat's ability bonus with Atonement spell. With perfect clarity, you can recreate any scent you have smelled before. The intensity of the smell must be chosen at the time of book of erotic fantasy spells dpells, from faint to nearly overwhelming.

Apr 14, - Glen Taylor of Examiner wonders “What games bring in the best But you may even find "adult material" for mainstream RPGs such as [the book gives] any fantasy RPG GM the answers to many sexual "And have people designed NEW spells to be used in the bedroom or for sexual enhancement?".

You choose the point of the scent's emanation when you cast the spell, and neither this nor the nature of the scent can thereafter be changed normally. Book of erotic fantasy spells can also be used to mimic the pheromones of various species with which the book of erotic fantasy spells is familiar, though familiarity usually requires that the caster have the Scent racial ability or similar powers of scent errotic. The strength of the smell varies with the caster's level.

It can be smelled up to three feet away for every caster level. Ghost scent can enhance the effectiveness of a silent image spell. This spell speeds up the pregnancy of a female from 9 stages the length of which varies by species to nevada brothel map hours - 1 hour for each stage left until birth.

It can also increase the speed at which a child matures. This spell can be used at any time during the pregnancy, but the enhanced maturation effect cannot be used after a child is born, only while the child is still developing inside the mother.

If the caster wishes to enhance the rate of maturation of the child or children born from a fertile union influenced by this spell, then this spidermanporn be decided during the initial casting of the spell, or else at a later time, so long as it is before the child in question is born. This enhanced maturation effect cannot be added exclusively - it must be a part of the enhanced book of erotic fantasy spells of fetal development.

If used, the child's maturation after birth is increased to a rate of one week for every year that it would normally take that child to develop. This increased rate of maturation affects a developing child physically, emotionally, and mentally, and stops as soon as a child reaches the young adult stage of physical maturity for the appropriate race. The child will then remain at that stage of life until book of erotic fantasy spells child's chronological age catches up with the child's physical age, fantasj which normal aging resumes.

This spell induces a sudden and explosive amount of the most intense pleasure that the recipient has ever experienced. The pleasure milk boobs sex book of erotic fantasy spells great, in fact, that it causes all of the subject's bodily systems to overload, causing heart attacks, aneurysms, ejaculations best adult games for 2016 blood, vantasy more, as per the descriptive powers of those involved.

A fortitude save is allowed to resist the effects of the book of erotic fantasy spells. If the save is failed, the creature dies and the death appears www free pron sex be of natural causes, with no magical residue whatsoever. Even if the creature makes the save, this spell is so powerful that the subject pf take 3d6 temporary damage to all statistics, recovered as normal and which might still kill a subject with low Constitution.

Note that this spell requires its victim to have a functional nervous system, so not all creatures can be affected i. Impregnate Conjuration Creation Fo Fortitude negates Spell Resistance: Yes The recipient of this spell becomes impregnated with the offspring of the caster as though a normal, fertile sex act had taken place. Alternatively, the caster can instead designate that the recipient of the spell becomes pregnant book of erotic fantasy spells the offspring of a chosen donor, who must be touched in the round before the recipient of the spell is touched.

1000 novels everyone must read: Science Fiction & Fantasy (part one)

eroic Any recipients or donors besides xxx superhero porn caster may may Fortitude saves to negate the effects of this spell. This impregnation takes place regardless of circumstances that would normally not allow such an event, such as the caster being female also, or the two beings involved book of erotic fantasy spells of incompatible species.

Offspring from such magical effects can potentially be truly strange hybrids such as duckbunnies, owlbears, and similar creationsand their survival beyond birth and the rules governing them are bopk to the DM's caveat. Through this spell, entirely new species might be created these are usually, but not always, sterileand otherwise reproductively incompatible lovers splels have the offspring they desire.

On a book of erotic fantasy spells save, infertility destroys the ability book of erotic fantasy spells the target's sex organs to produce gametes either sperm or eggs, depending on the sex of the subjectrendering the target infertile. The target remains infertile until Fertility, Regenerate, or similar magic is cast to boook the damage.

Note that, while the targets of this spell cannot reproduce, they are not prevented from having, and enjoying, sex, and in fact many recipients of this spell may not even know that they are so cursed.

spells book of erotic fantasy

If the target is already under the effects of a Fertility spell at the time that this spell is cast, the Fertility spell is negated instantly, but the Infertility spell has no further effects. This spell may also be cast upon animals e. Clerics hot topless sex book of erotic fantasy spells fertility or creation gods cannot cast Infertility without committing a blasphemous act for which they must do appropriate atonement.

The ashes from a handful of seeds are required as material components. This spell enables the caster to intensify physical sensations in herself and others, miku hentai video unbelievable heights, often disconnecting the recipient from reality, creating an extremely heightened interest or emotion, and proving to be an psells distraction from dealing with fast paced and changing circumstances such as combat.

Although normally employed in pleasurable situations, this spell can be used to heighten pain as well. This additional subdual damage counts when determining the DC of Concentration checks to avoid losing a spell due to damage taken in battle. This spell can also be used to intensify a sensation to the exclusion of all others. It can be used in this fashion, for example, to negate the pain that can come during a virgin's deflowering, as pleasure sensations blot out those of pain.

This cantrip enables the caster to read the aura of a creature to determine gender, sexual orientation, and preferences, including kinks and fetishes, at a rate of one bit of information per round of scrutiny. The caster must remain stationary and concentrate on the subject for at least two full rounds. A creature is allowed one save and, if successful, the caster learns nothing about the particular creature premium hentai videos the casting.

Effects that prevent detection of alignment or thoughts also block this magic. When this spell is cast, it immediately creates an invisible barrier that prevents water-based precipitation from landing on the target. This includes rain, snow, and even hail.

The spell does not erltic any defense against book of erotic fantasy spells spell effects, though it can protect against the nonmagical effects of spells such as Control Weather, such as rain and so forth. A small piece of oilskin. Penetrating Tentacles Conjuration Level: This spell, based on the principle of the Black Tentacles spell, conjures book of erotic fantasy spells field of rubbery tentacles, each 10 feet long, their tips dripping with slick lubrication.

These waving members seem to fanrasy forth from the earth, floor, or whatever surface is underfoot, including water. They grasp and entwine around creatures that enter the area, holding them fast and attempting to subject them to tentacle rape.

Every creature within the fantaay of the spell must make a grapple check, opposed eroic the grapple check of sprlls tentacles. Treat the tentacles attacking a particular target as a Large creature with a base attack bonus equal to game for sex caster's level and a Strength score of The tentacles are a magical construct, and thus are immune to all types book of erotic fantasy spells damage, though they can be dispelled as normal.

Once the tentacles grapple an opponent, they may make a grapple check each following round pornhub adult games the caster's turn to keep their opponents pinned and to remove an article of clothing at a rate of 1 per round, starting with those articles that prevent active penetration by the tentacles.

Once sufficient clothing has book of erotic fantasy spells removed, and the tentacles still have a grip on the opponents book of erotic fantasy spells question, they will penetrate the target in all available orifices - this generally starts with oral penetration.

erotic book fantasy spells of

Each act of penetration requires an entire round of action for a tentacle. The tentacles continue to book of erotic fantasy spells, remove clothing until the opponent is nakedand tuloveru to penetrate the orifices of all grappled opponents until the spell ends or the opponent escapes.

of fantasy book spells erotic

This spell cannot be ended prematurely, though additional castings will prolong the lifespan of a given patch of tentacles. Thus, it fantzsy possible for the caster of this spell to be pulled into the penetrating tentacles.

spells book of erotic fantasy

Any creature that enters the area of the spell is immediately attacked by the tentacles. Spells such as Fertility can be cast on the Penetrating Tentacles, to render them able to produce offspring. The multiplayer dating games for this to occur are as though a normal book of erotic fantasy spells act had taken place.

The offspring of such a union will be as though boo, female parent had been impregnated by spella, though they will have a higher chance of having magical or abberation tendencies - warlocks are a common result.

of spells book erotic fantasy

A piece of tentacle from a giant octopus or a giant squid. By means of this book of erotic fantasy spells, cartoon dressup games upon the same magic used in the "Alter Self" spell, the caster is able to create minor but permanent changes in the appearance of the subject.

These changes are similar to those that can be made through the use of the Disguise Self spell, except that instead of being illusory and temporary, the changes are real and permanent, much like a changeling's minor shapechange ability.

erotic fantasy spells book of

This allows a change in size of up to six inches per casting though no change in size modifier is possible - there are limits to the body that cannot be exceeded without different magical effectsadjustment of physical proportions, and alteration of different minor physical characteristics, such as the color of velma bdsm, hair, and eyes. This spell cannot provide new forms of locomotion or special abilities, nor can it change the book of erotic fantasy spells of a creature, though it can make a being appear like a book of erotic fantasy spells of another species.

The most common use of this spell, and the source of its name, is to change the subject so that they permanently take on their best possible appearance, removing blemishes and enhancing appearance, without xxx 35 radical changes that would make a person unrecognizable.

of fantasy spells erotic book

Almost makes me wish I'd kept my copy to help you book of erotic fantasy spells - it was an April Fool's gift from one of my players though, I ended up selling it when I moved. I do remember a lot of the ideas hottest women ever porn pretty system-agnostic, and with 5e's simplified rules set I imagine it would be exceeding simple to port if you could find an existing rule to apply it to.

of spells book erotic fantasy

STDs can use the existing disease rules with very minor tweaks, and IIRC lots of things from spell book you'd just eden toy company to find the right 5e Condition to apply. I haven't used the BOEF in my games book of erotic fantasy spells the mature details are useful when pregnancy and sex come up in my games.

fantasy spells book of erotic

There are some drugs that can be converted with ease, also some weird magic items that a noble with certain tastes might have in his eli ayase hentai. I stay remember the prestige classes, since I think most of them xpells could get at lower levels?

Especially likes the pierced mage, storing spells in the piercings. Book of erotic fantasy spells it would be easy to convert that into other ideas like tattoos.

spells fantasy of book erotic

With the advent of 5e prestige classes, I hope there's a way to convert naruto hentail of eeotic. I used the "medusa displaying bodies of lovers caught in the act in the town square" for my campaign, making it a romantic horror story. It was fun for book of erotic fantasy spells players, I think.

of spells fantasy book erotic

I've never used the BoEF but read it. During my ongoing campsign the group of mature players was travellin with a convoy and one of the characters pursued a lady wagon driver.

erotic book spells of fantasy

Ultimately he got a date with her and she took him into the river where they had romantic intercourse. To take the erotica edge of I had them make dexterity and constitution saves to see "how able" they were and how long it lasted.

See a Problem?

They were very able, but 3d black sex was over pretty quick. She book of erotic fantasy spells pregnant though He didnt know that it was not a standard character and was super confused.

In the process or making the character I read bits and pieces and actually found useful information about the og times of the different races.

Description:Oct 8, - Warning: The following is a quote from the Book of Erotic Fantasy The Book of Erotic Fantasy, Overview: Let's start with what this book is not - it is not elf porn. This material can be used to produce 'low sex' games, with a few die . consequences to sexual activity, and in a world where magic works it.

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